Cars 3: Armie Hammer to Lend His Voice for Jackson Storm

Cars 3 2017

Cars 3: Armie Hammer to Lend His Voice for Jackson Storm: When it comes to an animated movie, it is very important for the filmmakers to not only look after the graphics of the movie but also the selection of voice over artists should be perfect. A perfect voice over artist for an animated character can make the audience relate to the characters. And the animated sports drama movie Cars 3 2017 has stood out as a great CGI animated movie in terms of its plot line, graphics, and voice over artists and so on. Cars 3 Release Date has already approach as it will be in the theaters on June 16.

Cars 3 Movie Boxoffice Collection : IMDB Rating

Cars 3 2017
Cars 3

The makers of the movie have invested a massive amount for the production of Cars 3 to make the film visually appealing, therefore it is also anticipated to earn a great amount at the box office. Owen Wilson had voiced the character of the protagonist, Lightning McQueen for the first as well as the second entry of Cars and now the celebrated actor has once again lend his amazing voice for the protagonist of the movie. This news itself elevated the excitement level in the viewers and another news which came into the picture a while back was the appearance of Jackson Storm in the upcoming installment.

Cars 3 Release Date – Full Cast & Crew

Directed by Brian Fee
Produced by Kevin Reher
Screenplay by
Starring Owen Wilson
Larry the Cable Guy
Cristela Alonzo
Armie Hammer
Bonnie Hunt
Cheech Marin
Jenifer Lewis
John Ratzenberger
Lloyd Sherr
Michael Wallis
Paul Dooley
Kerry Washington
Nathan Fillion
Lea DeLaria
Music by Randy Newman
Distributed by Walt Disney Studios
Motion Pictures
Release date
  • June 16, 2017 (United States)
Country United States
Language English

Jackson Storm will be seen as a negative character and his voicing has been done by none other renowned actor than Armie Hammer who has starred in several Hollywood movies including Guy Ritchie’s The Man from U.N.C.L.E. And now all his fans are just impatiently waiting hear him voice for Jackson. Lightning McQueen who has always been on the limelight and a favorite of the fans will be seen in a dispirited mood in Cars 3 because of the competition faced by the new generation speedy cars as well as the ruthless Jackson Storm. Therefore, Lightning is said to be sulking and will be seen taken aback by the speed of the other cars around him. So does that mean that Lightning will be retiring?

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It might not be in that way and there may be some more to it as the protagonist of any movie generally emerge strongly at the end of the film. And Cruz Ramirez who happens to be a female technician is also going to play an important role in Cars 3 as she well come as rescuer for Lightning to bring him out of the depression which will be faced by him.

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Cars 3 2017
Cars 3 2017

We might see the plot line taking a different direction when Jackson Storm and Lightning McQueen will be witnessed having a face off at the biggest racing platform by competing with each other. There have been three trailers of Cars 3 which are launched by the makers of the film and now each and every trailer has escalated the curiosity level in the fans as they got to see the look of Jackson Storm. People have even said that Jackson Storm is extremely striking and looks way more attractive than Lightning McQueen. And now we know why Lightning will be feeling depressed in the new installment.

However, it will be great to see Light and Jackson having a face off in Cars 3.


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